Alt protein job boards and resources

Welcome to the forefront of career opportunities in the alternative protein industry! Here is a collection of job sites dedicated to this innovative field. For vegans and environmentally-conscious individuals, the alt protein industry offers an inspiring chance to align your career with your values. By working in this field, you're contributing to the development of ethical, plant-based protein sources that have a reduced environmental impact, all while promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle. Explore the exciting world of alternative protein and discover how you can be a part of the movement that's transforming the way we think about food.

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GFI Alt Protein Careers Board

Job opportunities with alternative protein organizations, brought to you by the Good Food Institute.

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Alt Protein Careers

Provides career resources, job postings, and recruiting services to job seekers and employers in the alt protein industry.

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Tälist Alt Protein Job Board

Matches alternative protein businesses with the best talent from around the globe for the benefit of humans, nature, and animals.

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Vevolution Job Board

Matching passionate startup employees with mission-aligned jobs.

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Blue Horizon Job Board

Jobs in Blue Horizon's Ecosystem.

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Protein Directory

A global, openly accessible company database that provides people with a structured and up-to-date overview of the alt protein ecosystem.

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