Want to Join a Vegan Startup? 4 Roles Availible: Social Media Manager | Head of Content Creation | Sales and Accounts Manager | Customer Success Manager.

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  • May 20, 2020
Part time Accounting-Finance Business Development Design-Photography Human Resources Project Management

Job Description

Want to Join a Vegan Startup?

Searching for 4 skilled and motivated vegans to join a Vegan Startup SAS (software as a service) “IN VEGANS WE TRUST - The Ultimate Vegan Ecosystem” as equal revenue share partners. 20% equal share each between 5 core members including me (Esther Bertram the Founder). Approx. 10hrs time investment each per week.



Key Facts

  • My name is Esther Bertram (Founder of IVWT) and I have been vegan for 20 years and this project my way to combine passion, purpose and profit. Looking for others who share the vision and would like to be part of the mission to positively impact vegan businesses and vegans.
  • I’ve already invested many months and thousands of $ to create a solid vegan membership platform, as well as investing in various marketing software and assets. But from here I’m ready to share equally with the right 4 others as I want an equal team to take this to the next level and not a standard hierarchy. It’s a radical approach. But for the right 4 vegans, I’m willing to try such a business model.
  • The business is past the build and beta-testing stage and is just before the launch.
  • I wish to partner up with 4 committed vegans who have drive, skills, passion, professionalism & experience in their fields.
  • Roles to be filled are a social media manager, head of content creation, a sales and accounts manager, and a customer success manager. 
  • Ideally, I’m looking for someone from Europe/UK, someone from the USA, someone from Asia and another person from anywhere. But character and skills are more important than location.

If this sounds enticing and you want to learn more and/or apply, kindly visit this page for more info and to access the application form.

Applications close 20th of June 2020.


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